It’s Time for Mentoring Internships

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One reason for the “Great Resignation” is that people, especially “emerging adults” discovered that their jobs did not provide career/life fulfillment. You can help students and adults of all ages make better first, second and later career decisions, by giving them a chance to explore opportunities before they invest in a career. Only with experience can they discover if they have the skills, interests and acumen needed.

At the least, your employees get extra help on projects. At best, if you’re recruiting workers, you can determine if it’s a “culture fit”. In all cases, you enhance your company’s social reputation.


Reach out to the companies and departments, locally and/or remotely that have a growth-learning culture. Reach put to appropriate Human resource and/or Department heads. Let them know what you’re interested in learning and show them that in exchange for them taking extra time to mentor you, not just as you to do tasks, they’ll get a learner who is a great potential worker – ready, willing and able.

Good luck to both of you.

Jerry Cahn, Ph.D., J.D.

Executive Director & CLO

With Mentoring Internships, Everyone Wins!