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Jerry Cahn speaking

Opening Minds to Limitless Views

Your audience is craving new perspectives. Your teams are wondering what’s next. And we’re all wanting to feel involved, inspired and invigorated.

I’m a business and communications expert with unique perspectives on what’s next in business, life and leadership.

I see trends, changing perspectives and evolving attitudes, then make meaning of them. I help proactive professionals, executives, managers and leaders of all kinds see and prepare for the coming impacts.

I energize and inspire entire organizations, the young professionals in the back row and the person contemplating their second (or third) career to think and act in ways that will positively impact their future selves.

Let’s inspire, empower, energize and activate your audience

Wherever you are

Live or virtual association conferences and company meetings

However you engage

Keynotes, seminars, workshops or courses

Whatever the medium

Interviews, webinars, podcasts, blogs or targeted articles

Audience & Environments

Association conferences

Learning and development events

Industry conventions and conferences

Podcasts, Seminars & Webinars

Private, public and non-profit companies

In-person or virtual

Key Guidelines:


Don't confuse activity with outcomes


Overcome inevitable speed-bumps


Focus on long-lasting legacies through regenerative activities

Topics & Areas of Expertise

New mindsets and skillsets

Future thinking, innovation and strategy

Systems enabling or system constraints

Jerry Cahn helps you avoid blind spots

Eliminating blind spots and capitalizing on opportunities

Let’s Talk About
What To Talk About

Without exception, my speaking clients and audiences become energized, focused and contemplating their next best step. Let me know how I can help you, and let’s have an easy conversation about the possibilities.