Limitless Life

To 100+

Let’s Begin. Again.

You’ve never had a better, richer opportunity to do more. To be limitless.

Exit your business, start a new career or retire at any age that makes sense for you.

It’s time to connect to your passions and purpose.

Let’s leverage my expertise on future thinking, business strategy and relationship development to understanding your unique needs and challenges and WHAT HERE your future-self.

Warren Buffet leads Berkshire Hathaway at over 90 years old

Warren Buffet

Leads Berkshire Hathaway at 90+ years old

Warren Buffet leads Berkshire Hathaway at over 90 years old

Iris Apfel

Is a designer and fashion icon at 100+ years old

Fauja Singh

Fauja Singh

Ran marathons at 100+ years old

Yes. You can.

Lead a long, fulfilling life

Age Brilliantly

Don’t wait to start enjoying the wonders of your life and potential.

Age Brilliantly is an interactional platform for adults who want to lead long, fulfilling lives to 100+ by living intentionally.

Age Brilliantly provides information, inspiration, tools, support and resources to make better decisions as you navigate your life journey. Live intentionally!

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Mentoring Internships

Mentoring Internships helps address today’s workplace and workforce challenges with a systematized approach to mentorship and internship that benefits both your organization and people ready for high-value mentoring.

Mentoring Internships from Jerry Cahn helps your organization cultivate leaders. Mentor and Mentee talking.
Haleh Fardi, Co-Founder and CVO of ProCFO Partners provides a testimonial on the impact of working with Jerry Cahn

In Jerry’s presence, I am inspired. My creative and innovative mind is switched on, and I have the confidence that his coaching is backed by his education and knowledge. He’s a lifelong learner who believes in the hundred-year life, and I can’t wait to continue working with him for fifty more years!

Haleh Fardi | Co-Founder & Chief Visionary Officer | ProCFO Partners