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Maximize a Fulfilling 100-year Life

Separate aging from growing old.

Aging is a natural developmental growth process.

Thanks to the gift of longevity, a healthier lifestyle and medicines, our lifespans have expanded, from about 45 in 1900 to about 80 today. Children born today are likely to exceed 100 years. We’re responsible for leading a long, fulfilling life. Are you ready to join the movement?

Age Brilliantly is an interactional community for adults who want to lead long, healthy and happy lives to 100+.

AgeBrilliantly provides information, inspiration, tools, support and resources with which to make better decisions as you navigate your life journey.

Members embrace life’s essentials and compounds and the wisdom acquired throughout. They include individuals, subject-matter experts and service/product providers who help each other take change and live intentionally. Explore careers, finances, health, estates, vacations, relationships, and more.

Your future self is the outcome of decisions you’re making now and will make tomorrow. We want you to be more fulfilled as you live intentionally. As Stephen Covey said, “Start with the end in mind.” Work backward from what you want to achieve and map out a flexible lifepath going forward. As life unfolds with unexpected events and detours, you’ll have the skills to return to your long-term path.

The 6 Essentials of a Fulfilling Life

In the extended and more prosperous life, we must move beyond balance and take care of the 6 Essentials and 3 Compounds.

Life fulfillment results from the decisions you make as you make tradeoffs between them at each moment and throughout your life. The goal is to integrate them into a lifelong, holistic pattern.


Promoting physical, cognitive, emotional and social fitness.
Focus: Fitness freedom


Budgeting earnings, expenses, savings & capital growth.
Focus: Financial independence


Love, friendship, and connection.
Focus: Long-term happiness


Interests, hobbies, autonomy, mastery & personal growth.
Focus: Joy and flow


Improve the world through work, volunteering, charity and legacy.
Focus: Meaningfulness

Time Mastery

Reflect on the past and present and pace your future self.
Focus: Create your future self

You Can
Age Brilliantly

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