Executive Consulting

Mobilize Your Team

Executive Consulting with Jerry Cahn

Let’s achieve more goals. Together.

Too many teams and organizations think a white-board session or all-day “retreat” (retreat?! Charge!) is the stuff of creating and achieving goals.

It isn’t.

Together we can engage, energize and mobilize your team to do new things in new ways. If you’re frustrated with underperformance, lack of cohesion or getting lost in activities instead of action, I can help.

I consult with company teams to mobilize and meet mission-critical needs:

Strategic Leadership Advances

Alignment, culture and leadership strategies

Presentation Training

Management, investor, sales and marketing and innovation messaging

Accountability & Elevation

Stakeholder, worker and team performance and engagement

Key Guidelines:


Play to win

Not to avoid losing. Let’s learn the difference.


Focus on continuing improvement

Make “goals achievement” a cultural norm rather than a milestone to reach


Address the needs of special markets

DEI, Emerging Leaders, SharExers™ – the marketplace is in constant change. Learn to anticipate, not just keep up.

I collaborate on:

Corporate Identity: Strategy,culture and alignment

Leadership and leader success

Product/Service launches

Presentations and pitches

Mentoring programs and development

Relationship management

Investor and Public Relations

$1 Billion Market Cap

Curtiss Wright (CW), a global manufacturer of highly engineered products, chose to double its market cap to $1 Billion, as a way of involving larger and more impactful investors in the firm. The goal was to sharpen the company’s positioning and differentiate it within a recession as a successful, long-term play. The goal was achieved in 18 months.

$Millions in New Contracts

When Tishman Construction was one of 3 final candidates for a significant opportunity, they turned to me to help them focus on and communicate their most meaningful strengths. We orchestrated the team to show company superiority and demonstrate how their industry experts uniquely think and work together. Finally, I helped the messaging become meaningful with presentation skills development. The company was triumphant, winning contracts worth $100s of millions.

What’s your biggest challenge in the next six months?

I’d love to help your team discover their limitless potential.