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Commanding Strategies

Accountable4Success from Jerry Cahn helps leadership development

Always advance. Never retreat.

  • It’s hard work to re-define your corporate identity, launch new initiatives and re-assign projects to existing staff while continuing to run a growing company.
  • You need each member of the Executive Team to step up to new responsibilities while delegating current tasks to others.
  • If you want growth, you want a Strategic Leadership Advance (SLA). It requires hard work for everyone because you’re developing Commanding Strategies.

Advancing requires understanding the current business and future market opportunities.

It requires an understanding of the senior executive team and their responsibilities.

Meetings must be planned and prepared. Facilitators require agility, flexibility, toughness, empathy, and great relationships.

And advancing requires a short, intermediate, and long-term follow-up program to achieve the new corporate strategy.

Accountable 4 Success

Accountability and Continuous Improvement are the hallmarks of a successful company.

I developed the Accountable 4 Success (A4S) system because conventional employee review systems don’t address job performance in the context of company culture and leadership expectations.

Unlike a centralized generic annual review system that’s managed by a Human Resources Department, A4S manages by supervisor and-employee dyads.

The dyad determines how often an employee should be reviewed according to tenure, responsibilities or other factors. When either the supervisor or employee discovers ways to improve on the existing plan, they can do so.

Teammates grow faster receiving frequent, valuable input as needed.

A4S is built around a Job Description that includes:

Key areas of responsibility for the employee

Defining job performance, culture and leadership expectations within each area

Use of objective metrics for each item upon which supervisor and the employee agree

One or more areas where employees can take courses to improve skills and realize growth opportunities

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