Limitless Leadership

in business. in life.

High-performance companies need high-performance leaders.

Outdated management models of command-and-control don’t work, especially now.

Inflexible, unadaptable people and communication styles don’t create high-performance teams or companies.

Opportunities only come to those who are willing to navigate the path to new endeavors, ideas and ways of life.

Let’s create and cultivate limitless leadership for you, your teams, your customers and your community. Together let’s transform to achieve what’s really possible.

Henry XIE simple fractal

Jerry has gone out of his way to advise and support me, and I find great value in the wisdom and experience he brings to our coaching sessions and his concern for my success. As a younger member of Vistage, I absorb a tremendous amount from the combined business experience of seasoned CEOs in the room and accelerate my growth as a business owner.

Henry Xie​ | Founder and CEO | Simple Fractal

Invigorate Action

Vistage Worldwide

Are you ready to be the best leader you can be?

Vistage Worldwide is the premier leadership development organization, helping CEOs become better leaders who make better decisions. 

Among over 27,000 members in 20+ countries, Vistage connects the most successful CEOs of small and midsize businesses to share expertise, challenge each other to think critically and arrive at better decisions.

As a Master Chair, I work with New York City CEOs to leverage Vistage’s award-winning 60+ year service ecosystem to help CEOs become better leaders who build sustainable growth companies. 

Win More Deals

Presentation Excellence

Are you closing more than 92% of your deals? You could be.

Advance your career. Improve people’s lives. Presentation Excellence is an immersive, specialized, comprehensive approach to helping leaders and teams master the art (and science!) of powerful, productive investor, sales, marketing, management and other presentations.

Presentation Excellence from Jerry Cahn helps you win more deals with better business presentations
Accountable4Success from Jerry Cahn helps leadership development

Always Advance. Never Retreat.

Accountable 4 Success

Rethink and redefine your performance review process for clarity and context within your culture and leadership expectations.