About Jerry Cahn

Jerry Cahn is a speaker, consultant and mentor who creates limitless leadership

Jerry Cahn, Ph.D., J.D.

We truly live in interesting times. The gifts of longevity, health, technology and neuroscience give us the chance to lead long, healthy and fulfilling lives to 100+. At the same time, we have to deal with the environmental, political, psychological and social challenges set in motion by past generations and ourselves. How we handle these forces determines our future.

I help proactive people create limitless leadership, lives and legacies. Early on, I committed to intentional living: to understand the forces and develop the skills – psychology of people and (organizational and legal) systems – I needed to address the challenges and connect with others to make this a better world for my children and future generations. I’m a life-long learner; my goal is to keep improving my skills to continue helping you and others throughout my potential 100+ year journey.

The experiences and expertise have given me a unique point of view: our future-self consists of many “next-selves”. With that perspective, I energize and mobilize people, organizations and communities to lead more fulfilling lives going forward. I cultivate creativity and innovation for new ideas, innovate systems to reduce personal and organizational constraints, facilitate goal achievement, and use evaluation and learning for continuous improvement.

My experiences include working with non-profits, private companies, public companies and government organizations. Then I chose to be an entrepreneur, co-founding and leading several ventures, including technology-related technology companies and companies servicing leaders of companies ranging from startups to Fortune 100 firms.

Jerry Cahn testimonial Diane DiResta

Jerry is a leader in every sense of the word. He’s kind and generous and at the same time, he’ll give you a dose of tough love when you need it. His clients have closed large deals because of his forward thinking and insights which he has honed from his law degree and Ph.D. in psychology. He’s both analytical and creative – a formidable combination.

Diane DiResta | DiResta Communications

My teams and I have served thousands of leaders and managers responsible for leadership and corporate direction including finance, sales, marketing, customer service and human resources at Fortune 500 firms, Hedge Funds, Investment Banks, Investor & Public Relations Firms, Non-Profits, Associations, and public and private firms specializing in manufacturing, retail, technology, health care and many other industries.

Throughout my career, I’ve been a mentor/teacher. At each place of work, I’ve instituted mentoring internship programs to give young people and adults seeking transitions the opportunity to learn through experience. Over 650 participants so far! In addition, I’ve also taught psychology and business courses in the US and China to undergraduate and graduate students. My proudest achievement is having the authors of When Millennials Rule dedicate the book to me as their mentor.