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Engage emerging workers in a high ROI mentoring system that benefits everyone

People and skills development, including learning and reward systems, can be more difficult in remote or hybrid workplaces.

  • In today’s five-generation workplace a mentor, manager or supervisor is often younger than their counterparts. Unfamiliar age-related roles can be challenging, especially at first.
  • Career paths are dynamic in ways they’ve never been before. Second, third or eighth careers aren’t unusual.
  • Modern employees are looking for flexible schedules in organizations that reflect their value systems.

Mentoring new employees helps address these challenges with a systematized approach to mentorship that benefits both your organization. Indeed, see the Emerging Leaders Program I will be offering through Vistage for an understanding of the 12 Competencies new employees should develop.

Mentoring goes beyond job performance

Twenty years ago, a company noticed it was losing recruits within a few months, while traditionally, most stayed for years. Just as we’re discovering now with the Great Resignation, these employees were looking for career advancement opportunities, and couldn’t see them, so they left. Having learned about our Mentoring Internships program, they asked whether we could tailor the principles to solve their problem?

For the next seven years, I ran the SuperMentoring program in which a Middle Manager (mentors) met with a new employee (Mentees) semi-monthly for several months. The goal was to enable the mentee to understand the company culture and strategy and identify other avenues for advancement beyond her/his department. By year three, we discovered that the Mentees liked the program enough to both say with the company and volunteer to be in the next cohort of Mentees.

Mentoring Internships from Jerry Cahn helps your organization cultivate leaders. Mentor and Mentee talking.

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