Presentation Excellence

Win more deals. Advance your career. Improve people’s lives.

Presentation Excellence from Jerry Cahn helps you win more deals with better business presentations. Man at podium with computer.

Building Better Communicators

A great presentation is a focused conversation between a captive audience and a compelling storyteller. Presentation Excellence is a comprehensive, immersive approach to helping you or your team master the art (and science!) of powerful, productive presentations.

With 30+ years of presentation graphics delivery experience for more than 5000 clients, we know how to help you win.

Jerry Cahn and Presentation Excellence help you master presentation skills for business.

Lead and Inspire

Presentation Excellence specializes in:

  • Coaching presenters to deliver robust, impactful presentations
  • Mentoring senior executives to be more effective leaders and project a leader presence
  • Training sales, marketing, and other teams through skills-focused workshops
  • Empowering executives through keynote speeches

Selling is the Transfer of Enthusiasm

We service:

  • Senior Corporate leaders like Chairpersons, CEOs, Presidents Vice Presidents from Fortune 100 firms to start-ups
  • The need for Board, investors, sales, marketing, management and other presentations
  • Investment banks, hedge funds, private equity, private and public firms, non-profit and government agencies, from tech to health care for whom winning the deal is mission-critical.

Proven & Powerful

Our Innovative & Immersive Training Workshop

Presentation Excellence is not an online course, boring workshop, general advice or predictable one-size-fits-all list of best practices you already know.

Through a four-week development period, we work with you and your teams to master your content, strategy and presentation needs. A hands-on consultative approach lets us do more than diagnose weakness; we help you amplify existing strengths, adapt content to your style, eliminate obstacles and transform your presentation into a pitching powerhouse.


Five core areas enable presenters to design and deliver winning presentations, providing individuals with consulting and coaching.

Management, marketing, sales and executive teams receive group training.


Eliminate distractive clutter to focus content on What’s Important Now.


Motivate action with an organized sequence that flows.


Engage using power language and supportive, attractive visuals. Align the presentation to the speaker’s comfortable style.


Project an authentic leader presence with speech, tone and body language that exudes enthusiasm and generates trust.


Command the communication channel, from webinars to focused interviews among large audiences or small groups.

Realizing Our Uniqueness

Presentation Excellence realized the uniqueness of our presentation needs and Jerry took the initiative to do the research required, attending our programs and observing our trainers. He then developed a customized format that clearly met our needs. The single most important thing that Jerry did was to learn our business. While working with our Instructors, he never talked down to them, recognizing and applauding the fact that they were the experts in their field.

Grand Slam

When we decided to schedule a training program for our instructors, we contacted a number of organizations. Jerry immediately explained that Presentation Excellence tailors training programs to our needs, asked for copies of our material, and offered to sit in on one of our classes to see how the current curriculum operates. Everyone else wanted to sell me their canned programs. That narrowed the field immediately…and we made the right choice. The instructors raved about Jerry’s program throughout the meeting. I think we scored a grand slam!

It Works!

Thank you for helping us win the $100 Million Courthouse project! After participating in Jerry’s sales training program for senior executives in NYC, I realized that if each team applied his principles we’d improve our skills and close more deals – and we did! Jerry’s approach helped us feel less nervous and more confident. It works!

Win Your Next Deal With Help From Presentation Excellence