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For years, I’ve spent most of my time addressing the leadership issues affecting (1) CEOs and other business executives currently growing their companies and their own skills and (2) young people – in high schools, colleges and graduates schools trying to make early career decisions. Recently, I’m also working with people looking past their main career to focus on the legacy they want to leave.  Dr. Jylla Moore Tearte refers to their challenge as Encore Leadership – and provides them with an action plan for transforming time, talent and treasure into the legacy that matters in a book of the same name, Encore Leadership.

It seems that if you’ve taken the time to master leadership challenges during you adult career, you may be better prepared to master the new leadership challenges of this transformation. Note the similarity of the process:

  • Re-examine your life goals – what is the new purpose; what behaviors, values and beliefs support them; are you passionate about it; finally, declare a clear vision.
  • Redefine your life plan – what strategies will be needed; what are your strengths and weaknesses; strengthen and build the network of support will you need.
  • Reinvest –  identify your new brand identify, and then execute the strategy.
  • Reimagine – evaluate how it’s working and use the feedback to innovate and reinvest.

There are many competencies that we may need in the encore period of our life, that as important during earlier stages of your life.  Dr. Tearte provides several tools to help you develop these competencies as you execute your legacy plan.  If you’re ready to focus on your legacy, you’ll find her book helpful and full of additional resources.

Let’s talk about legacies and encore leadership. Share with us your journey and the issues that are challenging you, so we can all contribute to your success!

  • Build on your strengths rather than focus on eliminating weaknesses
  • Get clear about your purpose and the goals that will help you achieve it.
  • Creative optimum balance – focus on giving yourself the time and money you need to stay fresh
  • Build excellent relationships with people who can serve as positive Mentors; eliminate toxic relationships
  • Develop your self-confidence; eliminate fear and worry
  • Ask for what you want, don’t expect it to fall in your lap. Identify your target and build a system to get it
  • Persistence (with integrity guiding it) is usually the key to success.
  • Take decisive action – identify support systems, mastermind groups, etc.,  and engage them
  • Focus on your life as a marathon of hope with the eventual goal of achieving your purpose

Share with us how you use these strategies to focus on achieving the life you want!