What Does “The End of Big” Mean for You and the Next Generation?

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The End of Big  by Nicco Mele  takes a broad strokes view of the changes that the internet revolution is creating (rather than in-depth on a specific issue). His thesis is that Big Institutions are changing as a result of empowerment of people through internet connections easily accessed by social media and mobile devices.

For instance, as webmaster for Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential election, he pioneered the use of technology and social media for political fund raising. He demonstrates how these principles were extended during Obama’s two campaigns, empowering everyday Americans to accept the vision and purpose and communicate it effectively through local neighborhoods and online social networks.

The disruption of traditional institutions to people empowered by using the new media (e.g., bloggers, citizen journalists, and everyone Tweeting, posting pictures, etc.) can have unintended consequences and create Big Opportunities for us all, including the overthrow of political regimes and increased transparency of government actions.  It’s up to us to project what the implications are and to manage the changes. Which ones interest you the most??