Ready to Lead the Recovery Plan?

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As noted in the prior blog, it will take a lot of planning to execute a cost-effective, strategically focused recovery plan. The effort starts at the top, with smart leadership. Paul Laudicina identified 10 key activities in which leaders must engage in order to succeed. They are:

  1.  Assess. A fact-based, multi-variable, multi-stakeholder assessment of the situation is needed, regardless of what sacred cows are vulnerable. Make sure to get your team’s buy-in.
  2. Imagine. Use scenario planning tools to assess what’s likely and what wild-cards might bring with them.
  3. Prepare. What has to be done to move away from what you did and what needs to be done to get you to the next normal?
  4. Assign. Delegate responsibilities to team members for greater bandwidth, diversity of thought and fresh perspectives.
  5. Communicate. Regularly, you need to engage all stakeholders – employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, community leaders, etc. Change is hard, and each communication helps reinforce the messages true intent and direction.
  6. Act. Take responsibility for execution and engage everyone to create ownership by the team.
  7. Measure. We get what we measure. So choose the right decision criteria to measure process and outcomes. Do so frequently.
  8. Adjust When necessary do so, explain why and monitor it’s success closely.
  9. Empathize. Remember, serving your people overrides the rigidity of a strategy. Understand and address people’s pain in this situation and be sensitive to their needs.
  10. Engage. Stay visible to all stakeholders. You are the role model: you symbolize the change that you’re implementing. 

Share your leadership challenges as you execute.  And ask our community for help!