What’s the Biggest Problem Investor’s Face?

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When most clients ask for help to develop a “winning” presentation, they assume that clients don’t know a lot about the company’s business opportunity, technology, growth plan, management team, and financial capabilities. However, as Morey Stettner notes, ignorance of certain facts may not be the biggest obstacle to persuading people to make investments. In “Help clients overcome biased decisions” (IBD 12/19/22), he suggests a few of unconscious biases that might be blocking decisions, including the recency effect (e.g., attention being swayed by “what’s hot now” and loss aversion (rather than opportunity achievement).  

Indeed there are many different biases that may distract your audience from listening carefully and making the investment decision. Here are 12 popular ones to consider when making your presentation. To address them, organize your presentation so it’s not just a “data” dump of factual company issues, but an interactive discussion giving you the opportunity to identify the biases your audience is carrying, helping the person overcome them by bringing them to the forefront and exposing them.

Which ones do you encounter the most? How do you “defuse” bias? Share with us your tips and techniques.