Power Your Presentations by Building Relationships

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Today, many presentations are based on data – scientific, management, sales, marketing, etc. All too often, presenters focus on their “data dumps” and assume the audience will reach the conclusion that the presenter wants. Presenters properly take pride in identifying key data to make points. However, crafting a presentation that energizes the audience to take action is another matter.

For two decades, Presentation Excellence has taught thousands of presenters to use the ADAP formula: Audience-Driven, Authentic Presentations. Almost a century ago, Judge Jerome Frank noted that his decisions are not based solely on the “facts” of the case. It’s the emotional connections to the story that sets up the foundation for the decisions, and facts provide support to rationalize the judgment. 

Similarly, Ron Friedman, a psychologist, observed that every conversation operates on two levels: the task channel and the relationship channel.  The task channel is where data is presented; the relationship channel is where emotions are evoked. The best communication weaves the two together.

The story you craft evokes emotional responses that lead the buyer to act. Does it seem like a good business opportunity? Are the leaders trustworthy, experienced, and capable of leading an enterprise? Does the BizDev plan have a marketing component that gains customer attention, interest, and desire so she/he will buy? Will the sales component close the customer by evoking benefits with acceptable risk?

In sum, the presentation has to build an emotional relationship for the customer to feel comfortable with taking the desired action, and have the facts to back up the decision.