How to Create Successful Digital Transformations

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Technology, including artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing, has become central to how every business competes. Yet many initiatives fail. Why? Greg Satell, who leads Innovation Excellence, reports that McKinsey found that less than a third of organizational transformations succeed. A major reason is that  leaders often forget that digital transformation includes human transformation and that’s where you need to start. Organizations get blinded by the “gee-whiz” aspects of technology, don’t focus on clear business objectives, scale too fast and then declare victory too quickly.

He gives 4 pieces of advice to avoid failure:

  • Focus on people first, technology second
  • Establish clear business outcomes
  • Identify a keystone change
  • Treat transformation as a Journey, not a Destination.

For details, read the article.

Whether you’re pitching an investor opportunity, a powerful marketing plan, or internal digital transformation – the key is to create an ADAP presentation: be Audience-driven and make it an Authentic Presentation!  That’s what we’ve been telling you for over 20 years.  

If you’ve managed a digital transformation, share with us how you presentation facilitated or detracted from success!