Five Factor buyer-Focused Selling

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Recently, I worked with two experts in adjacent areas. One is an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) trainer/coach who shared with us the importance of communicating with words and phrases that resonate with the recipients’ Auditory, Kinesthetic or Visual method of incorporating information. The second showed us that all-too-often we communicate to buyers why WE want to sell (i.e., product/service features and benefits) rather than why THEY should want to buy (i.e., needs and wants). These are points, we teach in as ADAP presentations: Audience-driven; Authentic-presentations.

The discussion led to the development of a five factor buyer-focused selling model.  Let me share it.

  1. Outcome: Understand what the person WANTS from your product/service.  Get a firm agreement on the positive attribute so the person can buy it. A statement of they don’t want is unacceptable
  2. Evidence: What KPIs will the person use to measure that they got what they really want?
  3. Context:  In what context does the person want the product/service, and in which one does he/she not want (time, location, public/private, etc.)
  4. Ecology: Assuming you can deliver the first three, do you feel comfortable working with the buyer? If not,  your negativity is likely to surface; better to unravel the deal now.
  5. Obstacles: Assuming you can deliver the first three, is there a reason that the buyer still won’t buy? If so identify it now. (e.g., Person isn’t the final decision-maker!)

Do you think about these factors when selling? Do you use the NLP approach to read and communicate with others? If not consider it now; it works!