Do You Know Your Customers Well Enough?

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The key to any “sales” presentation, whether you’re trying to influence someone to “buy” your product, service or idea is to deliver a compelling presentation persuasively. Using our ADAP formula (Audience-Driven, Authentic Presentations), that means you need to understand what resonates with the “buyer’s” value system. Today, with information available on the internet on most people (e.g.,, websites, etc.) and the existence of AI apps that glean that information to give you insights from scraping those sites (e.g., Crystal, it’s easier than ever.  Except, as it’s always been true, you have to do the homework before you design and deliver the presentation.

Howard Tierney recently shared a post about product launches that identifies 5 ways to help you get the information you need. The include:

  • Be humble: Recognize that it is hard to truly understand people (i.e., -ourselves and others)
  • Be specific: What are the main values to the buyer of adopting your service/product/idea?
  • Involvement: Don’t talk “at” the buyer; engage the buyer in the process of clarifying the most important value that your offering has for her/him.
  • Dig deeper: As conversations unfold, use their reactions to home in on the most compelling argument for your buyer
  • Understand context: When you understand their underlying concerns, then you can persuasively address them.