Are Your Sales People Ready to Deliver Winning Presentations?

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Each year, when we start helping a new group of presenters to deliver winning presentations using the ADAP principles (Audience-Driven Authentic Presentations) principles, we stress that success depends on not just on the presentation, but also on the person delivering it. That often includes the marketing leader developing a powerful message and the sales leader providing skills training. 

For instance, in My Vistage Worldwide practice where I work with some of the 28,000 CEOs who are focused on ongoing improvement, I schedule speaker workshops at the beginning of the year to address key concerns. This year’s focus is on relevant messaging, sales campaign and leadership issues. I’m fortunate to have lots of experts who share my commitment to excellence. This year, one of them, shared an interesting perspective and I thought I’d share some points with our Presentation Excellence family.

John Asher, the CEO of Asher Sales Strategies, has been helping companies improve companies’ capabilities of selling;. By staying current with new information and tools, he’s built a powerful tool-kit, including assessments and training services to address the wide range of issues we all face. He knows that almost everyone in a company has some sales-related impact. In The Neuroscience of Selling to the “Old Brain”, he shares some of his analysis of some of the 180+ different positive and negative cognitive biases including: Anchor, Choice Paradox, Reciprocity, and Status Quo. It then walks you through some of the activators of the biases and practical implications for selling.

Share with us which cognitive biases present the largest challenge for you and your team, and how you’re handling it. If you need help, John and I will share with you our insights.