Your Life Purpose: Rethinking It?

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We’re privileged to work with people through several organizational perspectives, and by integrating them,  we have a sharper understanding of what’s important to people today.   We’re seeing people of all ages challenging career and life-style decisions that are made, and looking for new answers.

Through Age Brilliantly, we work with adults of all ages who want to lead fulfilling lives in today’s life-stage and future ones, and seek more information, inspiration, tools and support from peers, experts and resources to make better planning decisions. Through Presentation Excellence, we work with executives making important business presentations to clients, investors, management and employees. Through Vistage Worldwide, we work with company CEOs (often $5-500M firms) who are challenging company practices as well as their own desires to continue in the company.

As Lauren Weber noted in “Workers Wonder: Is My Job Relevant?” Covid-19 has exposed the fragility of life and the prior assumptions we made when we made career decisions; the brutal killings by police has exposed the systemic racial biases in our society and mobilized the Black Lives Matter movement. Both are forcing people to rethink what they want for themselves and others, and how to get it.  People are asking, “Does my work matter? And do I matter?”

In Reflections In Crisis, McKinsey & Co. shares a number of interviews that may resonate with  you. Imagine you’re in the early stage of your career and family, and often spend hours commuting to work and to clients. Because you’re on the road, you engage caretakers to take care of our young children – which makes you feel guilty because you know you could do a better job if you only had the time. Then, the lockdown comes and you find a way to juggle your schedule to provide quality care for your children and get your work done, because Zoom allows you to communicate without commuting. Should you go back to the old way of life or integrate how you attend to the different Age Brilliantly essentials of life (in this case: relationships, health, purpose and passion)? (June, 2020) released a study in which 82% of the people in lockdowns reported not wanting to return to going back to work 5 days a week. (35% don’t want to return at all!) So, if you’re challenging your prior decisions, you’re not alone.

As more people share with us their perspectives, insights and decisions, we’ll share them with you. Please share your thoughts, by using the Purpose Forum on AgeBrilliantly. It’s the wisdom of our entire group that will help each of us make better decisions.