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In our April Newsletter, we included an article about AI, which included a discount to an invaluable educational program on 9 ways you can use OpenAI Chat GPT to improve your effectiveness in business communications.

As we know, GPT4 has now been released and represents a major advance in the technology.

At the same time, almost weekly other companies are announcing strategic partnerships with OpenAI to incorporate their technology in other products. For instance, Zoom recently announced its integration of OpenAI Chat GPT into its products to better serve users (

AI is not the only new technology we should be focusing on, as Katy Milkman, a professor at Wharton reminds us.  As the pictures below demonstrate, she participated in a conference in Singapore, by creating and sharing a hologram. See the video which includes her and other people:

When the pandemic started, and everyone moved to Zoom, Teams and other such technologies for online communication, many presentation experts offered advice on how to be effective with the audiences. Expect some of them to share parallel advice on how to produce more effective holograms! Stay tuned and we’ll share some of their strategic and tactical insights! 

Also, as you learn about revolutionary changes tech will bring to our communication/presentation activities, share them with us so we can keep our Presentation Excellence members at the cutting edge!