Lifelong Learning: Are You Doing It ?

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How are you using the extra time you have at home, now that you don’t have to travel to work? One answer from many of my CEO members is that they and their families are increasing their dose of online learning.

Most of my clients, CEO members, and friends are, like me, lifelong learners. We have, what Investor Business Daily calls, “a beginner’s mindset”.  We’re motivated to learn new things, and when time permits or when we’re under stress and need a positive distraction, learning something new is a great option. Today, there are countless online programs, including MOOCS with professors from top schools, available. 

As we move from 2019 to a new normal, we all need to adopt a beginner’s mindset when exploring the many changes that will occur post-pandemic. As we’ve been collecting people’s projections, forecasts and  predictions for how society will change, it became obvious that many of these people are lifelong  learners constantly asking why things are the way they’ve been and how the can be different. Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder, adopted a beginners mindset when he wondered why computers and music couldn’t be made portable.  Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, did the same when he wondered why sales database software couldn’t be in the cloud, instead of on hard-drives. Both created new products and transformed industries.

So while you’re still spending more time at home, unleash your beginner’s mindset and learn something new that can propel you to new adventures, knowledge, wisdom and/or innovations.  Then share with us what you’re learning and where it might take you!