Eight Key Sales Skills

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I recently ran across a list of 8 key sales skills by Allen Guy, author of Playing to Win: the Sport of Selling. Thought I’d share them with you.

  1. Understand yourself. How do you interact with others, and how do they see you?
  2. Understand the buyer. What motivates this specific buyer?
  3. Know your product. Not just its features but also how it really helps this buyer.
  4. Position yourself for success. Increase trust by mobilizing support – ranging from user testimonials to people within the company who can vouch for you.
  5. Plan the sales call.  Don’t be complacent; think through a complete plan
  6. Implement the plan. Execution is key to success.
  7. Ask for the business. Unfortunately, half of all sales people don’t!
  8. Follow-through to position yourself for repeat opportunities.