What is Vision?

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A key quality of leadership, according to most researches is vision. (We agree!)  Have you ever tried to clarify what it really means?  A group of researchers at INSEAD* did so, and I thought I’d share with you their description:

  • Sensing opportunities and threat in the environment:
    • Simplify complex situations
    • See patterns in seemingly unconnected phenomena
    • Foreseeing events that may affect the org’s bottom line
  • Setting Strategic Direction:
    • Encouraging new business
    • Defining new strategies
    • Making decisions with an eye toward the big picture
  • Inspiring others to look beyond current practice
    • Asking questions that challenge the status quo
    • Being open to new ways of doing things
    • Bringing an external perspective

Using these components, rate your team on how well they’re determining, setting and engaging others to adopt vision. (1= Low; 5=High).  If you’re not getting high scores, why challenges are you encountering? Share with us, so we can help you improve.