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Recently, the CEO of Rose Paving took his company from $30M to $250M+. And it continues to grow. In Paving the Way to Success, he shares the secret to its organic and acquisition growth: ScalingUp requires training executives to a higher level of performance.

People are cautious, even afraid of change.  They need to know that they have a good change of getting through a transition safely. To succeed, you need to provide factual support: demonstrate that you can help engineer a successful transition.

In this case, you need to demonstrate that you can build a team of skilled and caring high-performers to lead the larger firm as part of a larger successful team. That means putting in place the processes necessary to train and support these executives as they move forward.  Rose Paving used the leadership training resources of Vistage Worldwide to train executives and create collaborative teams. In addition to using Vistage’s MasterMind group format  to support the CEO, he used two other leader development formats:

Another CEO with whom I worked, created a ScaleUp model for his consulting service firm that enabled the company to quadruple in growth in a decade.  The CEO, it’s first leader, took a service line to $2M in revenue and then took his two top people to become heads of half the business and grow them. They then each did the same when they reached $2M do the same, as would the next team. In the meanwhile, the leader would provide support to the two new leaders and consider now service lines that these down-stream executives could add to their portfolio. Again, training the executives to become leaders and work collaboratively was key to this scaleup system.

So, whether you’re focused on organic or acquisition growth, start early training staff to become leaders, and keep refining the process as their scope of leadership grows. As new employees and potential acquisition targets are approached, let them appreciate your commitment to executive growth!