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The CEO of a company partially owned by a Private Equity firm was inquiring about the Presentation Excellence training/coaching we provide. I described how we (1) improve the message to be more persuade the audience (ADAP – Audience-Driven, Authentic Presentations) , (2) design the PowerPoint so it’s grabs and maintains the audience’s attention, and (3) perfect the speaker’s delivery so he delivers a presentation that’s compelling and showcases speaker’s leader presence. Then I gave a great example and realized I should share it with you as well.

A Venture Capitalist contact us several years ago to help a client build a more persuasive presentation for a second round of financing. They had been the lead in the first round, and wanted others to participate in the second. After meeting with the CEO and fully understanding the company story and where it was on its journey to becoming a successful public company, we significantly revised the presentation and coached the presenter to deliver it effectively, we recommended that before he begins the “roadshow”, he show his VC what he was going to do.

Later that afternoon, the VC called to thank us for the help and let me know that the CEO would not be presenting it to other VCs – because now that they saw the full value of the company, they would fund the second round themselves!   Now that’s the power of a winning presentation!

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