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As a recent Bain article notes, “at the top it’s all about teamwork”. Companies that beat their competition in revenue growth, profitability, and total shareholder return have highly effective teams.

As Patrick Lencioni points out, these executive leaders understand that they wear two hats: as members of a collective, executive team and as functional leaders of their units. For purposes of long term growth, the first is Team #1. 

A decade ago, Vistage Worldwide, the premier CEO and executive leadership development organization for 66 years, heard its members request for help to make executive teams more collaborative and effective so they can run the company and free the CEO to focus on strategic corporate advancement. They developed:

The result? Vistage member companies grow their companies 2.2X faster than competitors. (D&B data).

At our September CEO monthly Vistage Board meeting  we’re going  to discuss Dr. Adam Grant’s latest insights on how to build successful teams. As you may know, he is a 5 times New York Times best-selling author, 7 times highest rated Wharton Professor, and one of the 10 most influential management thinkers.

Why not attend our meeting and learn more? My contact information is below.

In the meanwhile, read Vistage Perspectives, our news-magazine.