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Shaun Smith and Andy Milligan, authors of Uncommon Practice, a book which showed how companies were shaping the customer experience at the turn of the 21st century, recently wrote Bold, to update the process with companies committed to sustained growth today.  Relating stories of several companies including AirAsia X, Burberry, Chili Beans, Umpqua Bank, and Zappos, they note that the key to success lies in addressing “Purpose beyond Profit” question – by connecting people to the cause, authentically, relentlessly, holistically, and sustainably.

Here are some of the relevant lessons on how to create and execute a bold strategy to achieve your vision:

  • Focus on the long-term vision rather than short-term goals
  • Have a clearly defined brand/customer promise
  • Align the strategy, brand and customer experience
  • Demonstrate zealous leadership by building a culture that “walks the talk” of excellence, fun, service, etc.
  • Engage in infectious communication among employees and with customers
  • Dramatize the customer experience for everyone’s benefit – employees and customers
  • Pursue “wow” in all transactions
  • Create cult-like culture with appropriate rites and rituals to support the internal branding experience
  • Measure what matters, not just “satisfaction”.

How compelling is your brand? Take their Bold Practice Survey and rate yourself – then share your experiences with us!