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Reading “All In: How the Best Managers Create a Culture of Believe and Drive Big Results” by Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton, you really get to appreciate the value of the two solutions we now provide our clients: Vistage Inside and Execute To Win (ETW).

Peter Drucker is famous for focusing people’s attention on culture with his now famous quote that “culture eats strategy for breakfast”.  Recognizing this, many leadership/organizational focus leaders on building a culture that engages the employees; as Simon Simek says, helping the employees understand the “why” behind the work they do. Based on their research Gostick and Elton determined that engagement is not enough.  What successful companies need is to have people Engaged, Enabled and Energized – which they express in the formula E+E+E.

Employees in a winning company are:

Engaged – each employee’s ability to understand how his/her work benefits the larger organization. They need to be clear on how they are responsible and accountable for real results and able to see how their performance contributes to the larger mission.

Enabled – employees have with the right tools and leadership coaching to navigate the demands of their jobs.

Energized – employees have feelings of well being and high level of energy through daily productivity employee, work/life balance and recognition of employee contributions.

One of the key elements to corporate success is agility: people’s ability to deal with change. The two new services we’re making available to our clients enables them to become more agile – because they provide employees with E+E+E.

Vistage Inside is a new service that helps Executive Team clarify what they want from their culture and strategy, and through an ongoing loop of problem-solving, application of new skills and insights, and mentoring, they forge greater collaboration, alignment and decision-making. (See the Video, Booklet and Case Study Fact Sheet.)

ETW keeps employees engaged, enabled and energized. Jack Welch, former General Electric CEO, calls it “the best management system I’ve ever seen”. Once the corporate culture and strategy have been defined in terms of behaviors that can be defined and measured, the company uses it to drive personal and corporate success. This is accomplished by having each supervisor-employee dyad engage in ongoing  conversations which set expectations, evaluate employee’s progress in achieving them and then allow them to clarify what the employee should improve by the next conversation. (See ETW Overview and Article.)

If you want more information on these management tools, let us know. Wishing you success!