6. Use Business Reserve Funds Wisely

By investing business reserve funds into short-duration treasury securities (which now pay a reasonable income) and then taking a portfolio loan against those securities to buy more fixed short-duration investments, you can essentially generate close to two times the income of a traditional investment portfolio. This can result in a 4 to 6% annual income stream on short-term money. Liquidity risks do apply. – Dana CornellCornell Capital Holdings

7. Source Commissions Via Channel Relationships

One strategy is subletting commercial space; extra space is very common these days. Another is sourcing commissions via channel relationships where the effort is low but the revenue is meaningful. Unfortunately, both still can have issues with collections. Avoid cash flow issues by improving the relationship between income and expenses. Try to use a minimum 3-to-1 ratio between cash and expenses. – David NugentNext League

8. Set Up A Membership Community

Setting up a membership community with collateral you have already created is a great way to develop a passive income stream. It is also a sweet way to drip content to your membership so that they get to know your company without a high-priced barrier to service. The hope is that they get to know, like and trust you through the membership and, as a result, purchase a higher-priced package. – Angie NollReconciled Solutions

9. Promote Other Brands On Social Media

A good example of a cash-flow generating, passive income idea is to leverage social media accounts for online advertising once you’ve established your online brand and reputation. Helping promote other brands, giveaways, sweepstakes and partner discounts for per-post charges or via revenue- or profit-sharing arrangements can help you quickly monetize your preexisting digital marketing platforms. – Armand PeriNew Age Public Relations

10. Invest In Mortgages Or Stocks

Streams of passive income can come from investments in a mortgage for a rental income or investment in stocks for dividends. Also, through writing a book, one can enjoy being paid book royalties. – Lere BaaleBusiness School Netherlands International

11. Create An Evergreen Online Course

Create a course related to your business for people to take online. If you’re in the financial field, you could share stock-picking advice, while a business leader could create a course in entrepreneurship. This is also a great way to reach a broader audience. Make sure to pick a topic that is evergreen. If you have to update the content monthly, it’s no longer passive. – Deyman DoolittleShipSigma

12. Team Up With Course Experts As An Affiliate

When the internet emerged as a business tool, a few experts referred to it as your 24/7 “silent” salesperson. Since then, legions of people have learned how to create online educational courses, based on their expertise, and put them online for passive income. Many team up with others (affiliates) in related businesses who advertise the courses and generate passive income from the commission. Powerful! – Jerry CahnAge Brilliantly

13. Consign Inventory

Consigning old, unused or slow-moving inventory is an excellent method to generate passive income. Having a consignee warehouse and shipping products for a reasonable fee improves bottom-line profit while also lowering overhead costs. E-commerce has supercharged these fulfillment business models with an ever-increasing demand for products that are bought and sold online. – Joe FaruquiA.S.A.P Semiconductor

14. Leverage Referral Relationships

Referral relationships are a great way to generate passive income. Your customers are a built-in audience for adjacent products and services, so if you maintain high customer trust, many will gladly heed your recommendations. Many partners will gladly pay someone just for making an introduction. Just remember to choose your partners carefully. Every recommendation reflects on your reputation as well. – Ian BouchettLedgr

15. Don’t Neglect Your Primary Business

Only a handful of business models benefit from passive income. Very few activities that are worth an owner’s time could be considered truly “passive.” If you are focusing on the side hustle, you may miss the opportunities in your primary business, which are likely to make your time more worthwhile. – Annalisa DeMartaRidgeline Insights