1. Show Up With The Same Actions That Got You Where You Are Now

Certainty is one luxury we never truly get in business. Even though you may have more relaxed times throughout your career, certainty was an illusion. If you keep showing up, being positive, leading your team and being disciplined in successful behavior, you’ll be fine. – Sam KaufmanOn The Level Construction, LLC

2. Consider Leaning Out Or Leaning In

I believe that when times are tough you either lean out (by cutting budgets, headcount, training or marketing) or you lean in (by investing in people, training or marketing). My people keep me sane, so I lean in more than ever before to listen to their feedback and take action upon it swiftly. – Sarah GoodallTribal Impact

3. Remember Ups And Downs Are Part Of The Game

You need to stick to your usual activities and basics. Drastic changes to your usual process due to a temporary condition could hurt more than the actual current events. Stick to your principles and what got you where you are now, being nimble when needed to adjust to temporary changes. What generated success once will bring you success again. – Jean Paul De Silva ClauwaertWeb Content Development

4. Keep Everyone Focused On Set Goals

If you’ve set SMART goals and the entire team knows what they are, keeping them focused on those goals provides stability and a sense of calmness. You may miss your goal due to outside issues, but in pursuit of that goal, you stayed true to who you are as a company. Being laser-focused on set goals keeps everyone “rowing in the same direction” and helps them shrug off external issues. – Joe CrandallGreencastle Associates Consulting

5. Help Employees Feel Secure In Their Paths

In a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous), leadership needs to help employees feel secure in navigating their paths forward. Employees need to understand trends and scenarios and how the company can continue serving its purpose and vision. You need to continuously communicate and engage the team through special times at leadership meetings and through town halls so everyone knows. – Jerry CahnAge Brilliantly

6. Sell To Consistent, Reliable Clients

Sell to a stable client such as a government entity. Governments spend whether or not the economy is strong. In fact, they usually spend more when the economy is weak to shore up markets. By having a consistent client, you maintain steady operations and can even attract additional clients that see working with the government as a strong verification of quality and consistency. – Maurice HararyThe Bid Lab

7. Maintain A Long-Term Vision And Principles

When the markets are uncertain, it is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day fluctuations and make rash decisions. However, the short term is always uncertain, especially in financial affairs. Having a strong set of principles and long-term vision help you to maintain a sense of perspective, retain a sense of normalcy and stay the course, even when the markets are turbulent. – Matthew RamirezRephrasely

8. Provide Care And Attention To All Types Of Clients

We focus on providing the care and attention that people desire, regardless of whether they’re looking to become a client today or in the future. People always remember how you make them feel. If you make them feel special, heard and cared for all along, they’ll become a client when it makes sense to them. – Nadir Qazi, DOQazi Cosmetic Clinic

9. Remain Calm In The Eye Of The Storm

A company takes its energy vibe from what leadership radiates, and as goes the General so goes the Army. If you want your company to remain calm and grounded, be calm and grounded yourself—and make sure that is communicated clearly to everyone else. – Esther Kestenbaum ProzanFlowspace, Inc.

10. Investing Regularly During Good And Bad Times

Instead of fearing a down market, look at opportunities to buy shares at lower prices. Try to invest a fixed amount each month with the dollar cost averaging strategy to avoid the stress of guessing which way the market is going. – Marilisa Barbieri

11. Don’t Panic

To quote The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, “Don’t panic!” Share your concerns, build a plan and put it into motion. A calm, clear and confident methodology will stabilize a difficult situation because your team will mirror your energy. Early in my career, I would blow up at everything because I didn’t know better—and my team followed my lead. When I relaxed, so did everyone else. – David LenihanTiber Health

12. Be Transparent And Have Good Communication

Explain to the team—and partners and clients—how market uncertainty is being navigated or strategized internally. This can bring calmness in a concerning environment and clarity about the future. – Marianella ManzurJoorney Business Plans

13. Recognize That Uncertainty Stems From A Lack Of Information

Global markets, especially in tech, are in turmoil and incredibly volatile. In these times, you need transparency to stand as a bulwark against uncertainty. We hold a monthly AMA with our team where they can ask any questions anonymously. This transparency is key to creating collaborations and an openness that provide security in times of uncertainty. – Nicolas VandenbergheChili Piper

14. Go Back To The Basics

Focus on the core things that you care about as an organization, what you can impact and what brings the team together. In uncertain markets, it is critical to have a clear vision and make sure the rest of the organization is aligned. When people are inspired by the work we do and the impact it has, they can rally behind a clear vision for where we are going as a team. – Jeaneane FalklerTechnicolor Creative Studios