Will Generative AI Impact SEO?

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Ever since ChatGPT was introduced to the public several months ago, people have been scurrying to figure out how they could use this new technology to be more persuasive in their communications.   Most of us understand that we’re only at the beginning of the Generative AI era: over time, with improved technology and substantial learning growth, its potential will be unleashed. The good news is that people are sharing daily how they are using it to brainstorm ideas, communicate succinctly in all forms of media (including chatbots) and create images and videos. Excellent courses, like the one offered by Evyrgreen.com (see offer on this page), identify nine different ways it can be used effectively.

One colleague, Evan Bailyn, CEO of FirstPageSage.com, focuses on helping companies use SEO more effectively. In a recent blog, he notes that while Generative AI has much potential in this industry, it has not had a significant impact yet. He dissects exactly where it will have impact and where it won’t in terms of SEO strategy, content quality, content creation and analytics. If SEO is something your company uses to attract business, read the article to gain insight. 

While you need to be aware of today’s limitations, stay attentive to new developments not just by the leaders in the industry today but also the countless new products that are being introduced by both existing companies and new ventures.

What are your thoughts on this topic? What blogs and sources do you use to stay ahead of your competitors?  Share with us. We’ll be visiting this topic more often in the future!