What’s Your Experiential Intelligence?

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As I prepare for the launch of NYC’s Emerging Leadership Program, I was looking for a way to describe the 12 competencies  that are discussed in the program. Many focus on Emotional Intelligence (EQ) issues. I discovered that the rest are covered in Experiential Intelligence (XQ).

Soren Kaplan’s framework is discussed in Experiential Intelligence: Harness the Power of Experience for Personal and Business Breakthroughs. Experiential Intelligence reveals how our past experiences impact our present success and future opportunities in ways we often don’t recognize. It focuses on the mindsets and abilities gained from your personal and professional life experiences. In other words, unlike many measures that deal with static attributes, XQ is dynamic.  It synthesizes your own strengths as a leader to elicit the collective strengths of others.

For instance there are five leadership strategies which help grow your XQ for you, your team and your organization. These include:

  • Connect dots to find focus
  • Rewrite unwritten rules
  • Explore uncertainty to discover new opportunities
  • Create experiences to spark positive change
  • Amplify strength to amplify impact.

Learn about your XQ by taking the free assessment at https://www.sorenkaplan.com/xqassessment/