Stop Multitasking. Focus!

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Most research shows that people generally accomplish more – defined as doing a desired quantity of work up to the quality standards set for the work – by focusing on specific projects rather than trying to juggle many projects at a time.  To help encourage some of my clients to focus more on their most important priorities, I re-read an old classic, The Power of Focus, by Canfield, Hansen and Hewitt, and thought I’d share their 10 key strategies with you, to job your memories.

  • Recognize that your current habits determine your future. Identify which work and which don’t; engage in eliminating those that are counterproductive, and practicing those that will be more productive – until they become the new habits
  • Build on your strengths rather than focus on eliminating weaknesses
  • Get clear about your purpose and the goals that will help you achieve it.
  • Creative optimum balance – focus on giving yourself the time and money you need to stay fresh
  • Build excellent relationships with people who can serve as positive Mentors; eliminate toxic relationships
  • Develop your self-confidence; eliminate fear and worry
  • Ask for what you want, don’t expect it to fall in your lap. Identify your target and build a system to get it
  • Persistence (with integrity guiding it) is usually the key to success.
  • Take decisive action – identify support systems, mastermind groups, etc.,  and engage them
  • Focus on your life as a marathon of hope with the eventual goal of achieving your purpose.

Share with us how you use these strategies to focus on achieving the life you want!