Resolve: More Winning Presentations in 2013

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Around New Years, most people make resolutions to change their behavior to achieve better outcomes in the new year. Unfortunately, resolving to change and actually doing so are quite different, The entire “gym†industry plan their year around the reality that many people who resolve to work out and lost weight in the new year, and then stop coming weeks later.

As business gets more competitive, and economic downturns and increased taxes force greater scrutiny of company offerings before making purchases, and as attention spans for boring PowerPoint presentations nose-dives, you need to step up your presentation skills in order to win deals more quickly, more easily and without having to compromise on price. If you resolve to develop more compelling presentations and use more persuasion techniques, and practice your ability to be more succinct, focused and appear more trustful, you will accomplish these goals.

Set specific goals, and hold yourself accountable for achieving the desired results. As the “About Us†page of our website says, Presentation Excellence was founded, in part, after a client wasn’t satisfied with only winning 92% of their presentations. Keep score for yourself:

  • Are you going after deals you have a good chance to win or responding to every RFP that comes to your attention?
  • Are you committed to delivering Audience-Driven Authentic Presentations – the kind that win deals more easily?
  • Are you giving yourself enough preparation time to do the research and design effective, powerful presentations?
  • Are you giving yourself enough time to practice delivery, making you so confident that you know the material that you can focus on connecting with the audience rather than focusing on how you’re speaking?

It always amazes me when someone tells me they only took half an hour to practice a presentation they didn’t feel comfortable with – and (surprise, surprise) lost the multi-million dollar deal. Not practicing a presentation you don’t like is the kiss of death!

Then track your score – are you achieving the rate of success of which you’re capable?! If not, what can you do to improve? Through our corporate training and public workshops, as well as individual coaching programs, we can help you achieve greater success. So, we look forward to seeing you at the “93+% Winners Club†meetings – or one of our training programs! Call us at any time to discuss how we can help you meet your 2013 resolutions! (800-493-1334).