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Working with entrepreneurs who are creating new processes, products and companies and “intrapreneurial” corporate executives seeking to do the same, I’m always seeking models to help them be more effective.  Shane Snow in Smartcuts: How Hackers, Innovators, and Icons Accelerate Success offers nine principles which he notes in his book that were used by successful people. Let me share them here:

  1. Hack the ladder – Don’t play by the game’s rules – figure out how to outsmart them. Then, build your own non-traditional ladder and constantly push yourself to climb it. (Remember how StarTrek’s James Kirk got into Starfleet? He reprogramming the admission “test” which was designed so no-one could solve it!)
  2. Train with Masters – Seek out masters in the industry and learn from them
  3. Use Rapid Feedback – Ask for it and use it to improve; negative feedback is your prod for doubling down
  4. Focus on Platforms – Visualize your ideas not as one-off products or services but as platforms
  1. Catch the Waves – Position your effort within risings trends to get additional momentum
  2. Superconnect – Build a powerful network of people who can help you grow and a brand within the industry, so you’re recognized and can attract additional support
  3. Leverage Momentum – Build on it while you’re still at the top to further attract sponsors and supports
  4. Keep it Simple – Focus on the core; cut out activities and processes that aren’t essential. No unnecessary busy work. Stick to basic tools when technology is likely to distract you.
  5. Use 10X Thinking – Use huge visions or “Big Hairy Audacious Goals” (as Jim Collins called them) to focus your energy and keep you inspired!

What do you think of the list? Which ones do you use? Which ones are you not using? Why not? How can we help?   Share with us!

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