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While writing the e-book Present to Win the RFP (click on it to get a copy), I was thinking of some basic presentation tips that apply to anyone. Thought I’d share some here.

  • Start with an attention grabbing opening, because the judgment/decision to may more attention takes placing within the first minute.
  • The purpose of the presentation is to give something of value to the audience. Therefore, by focusing on whether they are getting it, you’ll be less self-conscious and experience less anxiety than if you focus on how you’re delivering the message.
  • You’re best able to project a leader presence physically being comfortable when presenting, since that allows you to project your confidence.
  • To engage the audience in your presentation, rather than always making statements, introduce topics with questions that force the prospect to try to answer but cannot do so fully. The knowledge gap creates suspense and encourages the prospect to listen to gather the facts needed to discover the full answer
  • To keep the prospect’s attention, make sure each section of the presentation answers the question “what’s in it for me?â€
  • Your impact increases when you focus on benefits rather than features.
  • For maximal impact, show how action avoids pain and loss, rather than simply generate gains.
  • Use stories as the vehicle to deliver your key points; since childhood, we’re wired to listen longer to captivating stories knowing the end usually justifies the wait.
  • Use visual metaphors – paint pictures – to keep prospect’s attention.
  • Use powerful pauses to allow people reflect on what they just heard and to allow you to assess where your audience is; rattling on with no breaks leads to less comprehension.

Give your audience easy acronyms to remember a set of issues. Ex: Craig Valentine says in his book World Class Speaking that people are motivated by 4 key benefits that form the acronym EDGE:  Esteem, Do more, Gain more and Enjoy more.