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Vistage Inside Vistage’s new leader development service for Executive Teams, uses a “hybrid” learning approach that the Human Capital Institute discovered is superior to the traditional singular, individual, class-room-based methods (see Research Report). Studying five key business metrics – Execution, Alignment, Collaboration, Retention and Succession – they found all to be positive influenced by a dynamic model that goes beyond the traditional methods, to include frequent use of experiential learning, peer advisory activity and coaching.

The study found that the Hybrid Development Organizations (HDOs) as compared to the Traditional ones (TDOs) were more likely to:

  • Have a greater sense of ownership of the strategic direction and
  • Develop and execute on strategy follow-through using assessment measures
  • Enjoy faster decision-making and course corrections when situations arose
  • Agree that the corporate goals are aligned through different departments.
  • Collaborate on important decisions due to their open dialogue and common language.

In addition, HDOs were better able to:

  • Identify the bench strength necessary to support their business
  • Engage their internal high potential (NextGen) leaders in important business matters
  • Identify replacements ready to fill key positions.

The implications are clear:

If you operate your own Executive Development program, use these interactive training approaches to achieve greater success.

If not, seriously consider using Vistage Inside.

If you’re already using these interactive training approaches, share with us your experience using them and on influencing the growth of your company. If not,  you can get more information about Vistage inside from these two videos Video1, Video2, reading the Booklet, Brochure & Case Studies, and asking Vistage New York. We can answer your questions and connect you with someone who can facilitate the program.