Commit Now to Offering Mentoring Internships Starting Fall 2014

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It’s up to us. Year-round students are clamoring for opportunities to learn how they would fit into the job market, test their competencies, and learn what they have to improve in order to eventually get the careers of their choices. A Wall Street Journal article below demonstrates the need by students and society; our article, 10ReasonstoOfferaMentoringInternshipProgram.pdf, demonstrates how your company benefits.

Some internships help determine which potential recruits fit your culture; others – for high school and college students helps your staff be more productive and allow students to make earlier career decisions. Ask the parents in your company – many of them would love for their own children to get internships – if they’d be willing to pay it forward by having student help with projects while getting skills and workplace mentoring.

How many interns are you planning on taking for Fall 2014 & Spring 2015? What’s your ratio of interns to employees?  Is it 1-10 (or more) or 1-1000 (or less)? We can help you build a quality, program with a high ROI program that’s sustainable for years to come. Start planning now.