Building Healthy Organizations

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Bob Rosen, in “Grounded: How Leaders Stay Rooted in an Uncertain Worldâ€, shares a six-step formula by which healthy leaders can create healthy organizations. These organizations are recognizable by their

  • Great market reputation
  • Outstanding shareholder value
  • Consistent profitable growth
  • Renowned as a talent magnet and/or
  • Having a positive societal impact.

To create a “healthy†organization, the leader should:

  1. Tap Into the higher purpose that each person can achieve by awakening passions and sense of meaning
  2. Forge a shared direction by painting a compelling future and enlisting people’s commitment
  3. Foster productive relationships by modeling and teaching authenticity, connectivity and reciprocity
  4. Challenge staff to unleash their creative potential
  5. Seize new opportunities by embracing uncertainty and cultivating optimism, curiosity and learning
  6. Drive high performance by creating a culture of excellence and accountability.

To achieve such an organization, starts with being a healthy leader. This means being in touch with our

senses, thoughts, feelings and actions, and making sure they work together to provide:

  • Clarity when perceiving self and others
  • A flexible and open mindset,
  • Accepting of positive and negative emotions
  • Acting in ways consistent with achieving one’s goals.

How well are you doing in becoming such a leader and producing a top-functioning organization? Share your thoughts and experiences.