Limitless Life


Let’s Begin. Again.

You’ve never had a better, richer opportunity to do more. To be limitless.

Start a new career or retire (whatever that means anymore) at 35. Exit your business or start a brand new company.

Learn, grow and connect to your passions and purpose.

With recognized expertise on future thinking, business strategy and relationship development, I’ve developed innovative approaches to understanding and addressing the unique needs and challenges such opportunities present.

Lead a long, fulfilling life

Age Brilliantly

Are you going to put off enjoying the wonders of life till your later years?

In 1888 Otto von Bismark (the Prussian leader who founded the German Empire) decided to reward the soldiers who found and defended the country with a pension so they could leave work and enjoy a few years of leisure. Little did he know that he created a model for retirement that would be used worldwide. In 1935, the Social Security Act gave Americans a pension when their lifespan was about 60, so retirees would have a few “golden years” of leisure.


Today, while the average lifespan has grown to 80, with many living into their 80s and 90s, people’s mindset still hasn’t changed. Many still think of 50 as old enough to join organizations focused on retirement, and experts still think of that as the start of people’s Third Act (after childhood and having a career/family). As a result, people spend less time planning for 20-30 years after retirement than a wedding and thus get less out of those years. Worse, by defaulting to a life determined by others, instead of living intentionally, adults are cheating themselves on a fulfilling life throughout the 100+ life journey.

That’s why I founded Age Brilliantly. It’s an interactional platform for adults who want to lead long, fulfilling lives to 100+ by living intentionally. AgeBrilliantly provides information, inspiration, tools, support and resources with which to make better decisions as you navigate your life journey. This includes promoting your ability to maximize the Six Essentials of Life and resist forces that limit your growth, like ageism and conformity to an antiquated mindset. Members include individuals, subject-matter experts and service/product providers who help each other take change and live intentionally. Our provider partners provide related services to help meet needs related to careers, finances, health, estates, vacations, relationships and more.


The next best


Are you helping interns of any age make better future career decisions? Your company can do so and experience a very high ROI!

Early in my career, I realized that I could combine my interest in doing special research-type projects with my desire to give people an opportunity to experience an actual workplace to see how culture, strategy, etc. operate. To date, over 650+ interns of all ages have participated.

After attending a college intern recruitment program, I realized that my team and I service more interns in the summer than the Fortune 500 firms serviced in a year – at no real cost. When a Fortune 500 leader asked me how I do it, we published a website to help others. Indeed, one client adopted it with the goal of hiring one summer candidate each year to join the team. Today, the company consistently ranks among Barron’s top 10 wealth planning teams!

In addition, I develop and facilitate corporate mentoring programs for recent employees with an eye on retention and increased contribution in future years.

By enabling middle managers to mentor recent recruits, we increase employee engagement, and understanding of the corporate culture and strategies, and increase retention in the original or other units of the company.


You Are Limitless

Jerry Cahn PhD is a business speaker, consultant, coach and mentor helping proactive professional create limitless leaders, lives and legacies


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