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Vistage Worldwide is the leading CEO organization. About 60 years old, its 21,000 members (in 16 countries) are committed to being better leaders who produce superior results to outperform the competition. Its 4-part service platform includes:

  • A local peer advisory group of leaders from non-competing industries who meet monthly to master best-practices in leadership, strategy, talent, culture, execution, buy/sell, finance, and business development.
  • One-on-one coaching sessions with the group Chairman, a seasoned CEO/mentor.
  • 1,400 subject matter experts who speak at meetings, deliver webinars, and publish best-practice whitepapers.
  • Ability to explore issues and connect with the 21,000 members through an online 24/7 network.

“Vistage New York” is the name our local members have adopted. It is chaired by Dr. Cahn. In addition to the CEO group, are groups for Trusted Advisors (TAs) and Chief Sales Officers (CSOs).

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