Leader Presence

Our mission is to help leaders become great leaders by mastering the art and science of projecting a Leader Presence. We view “Leadership” as the process of influencing group members toward the achievement of its legitimate goals. Leaders chose the right things to do; they create the vision and mission and inspire the group. Managers, in contrast get things done right by implementing the strategy, obtaining the necessary resources and talent for execution, and constantly evaluating the process and impact.

Great leaders know that leadership is all encompassing:

  • Head: Create & articulate a vision
  • Heart: Energize & mobilize the team
  • Guts: Demonstrate courage
  • Sweat: Engaging in deliberate practice

The challenge is to harness all four elements and make being a leader seem effortless. Think of the last time you watched Steve Jobs or Richard Branson make a presentation. They capture your attention; their message inspires you to act, their energy is infectious, you want to act. We call this a Leader Presence.

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In April 2014, the Presentation Excellence Group was recognized for leadership excellence in the Leadership Partners & Providers category by HR.com.

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