Commanding Strategies

Commanding Strategies provides strategic consulting services to leverage company SWOTs to sustainably beat the competition and sustain growth.

Strategic Leadership Advances (SLAs), our core services, are off-site meetings where we explore leaders’ 3-5 year vision, mission and goals, identify behavioral values, leadership requirements, corporate culture and alignment needed to achieve your company’s goals. Candidly assessing the present situation, including internal capabilities and resources, and external factors, the team can then develop a strategy to get from “here to there”.

Identifying asymmetric competitive advantages and harnessing them for sustainability is our primary objective. Your team leaves with a clear understanding of what everyone needs to do to launch the next stage of growth and hold each other accountable for success. We then assist in the implementation of these strategies, including internal and external communications. In addition, we provide ongoing evaluation to keep these initiatives on target.

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